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The most common reason that pets are surrendered to a pet shelter is because the new pet parent is frustrated that their new dog will not cooperate or listen to them. Thankfully, Petsmart has developed a great pet training curriculum that is both easy and convenient for pet parents. These training classes help to create a long- lasting bond between you and your new pet as well as develop behaviors that will make their pet a great member of the family.

Not only does a training course teach your dog how to follow commands, have house manners, and avoid hazardous behaviors; It also helps socialize your pet with other dogs of various sizes. We do not discriminate against breeds just because of stereotypes. We encourage people to socialize their pets in a controlled and safe environment, such as our training classes and Puppy Play Time events.

Thank you for training your new member of the family with me at Petsmart. I have been trying to find the best way to place pictures from my pet training graduations, and have found that this is the most convenient for my Pet Parents. I hope that you had fun training, and forming a deeper bond with your pet.

Puppy Training

Basic Education

Intermediate Education

Advanced Education

CGC Certification

We are proud to offer potty training seminars and specialty classes that are both fun and educational for you and your dog.


Potty Training

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me, Jacqueline, at the Gainesville, FL. store at (352) 380 - 0112.